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California Komondor Einstein & Shanti  Mossy Falls Farm

California Komondor is a special rare breed preservation project undertaken by Mossy Falls Farm to protect the Hungarian Komondor. They are an ancient breed, said to be the oldest dog, appearing the same today as in ancient times.

While their lineage is very old, their numbers are extremely low; listed as officially endangered in 1909, the world wars devastated populations, as soldiers invaded territories and shot Puli, Komondor and Kuvasz dogs that were protecting their homes. It is estimated that less than 100 survived the wars and less than 5,000 are alive today, but there is hope, and it is our mission to improve these stats.

California Komondor Princess Alma Mossy Falls Farm

Many large breed dogs are slow breeders, Komondors are no exception; this has kept numbers reduced, and very few quality dogs are available outside Europe. Import regulations require that all canines have a rabies shot before coming into the US, which requires puppies to be 16 weeks old before they can be adopted. This is problematic for many reasons, especially with those wishing to bond with their new friend or begin livestock socialization earlier. We now make it possible to acquire the highest quality genetics born in California, so families can adopt an 8 week old puppy anywhere in the US.

We utilize a responsible breeding program with 100% purebred working dogs, and we would never consider crossing a kom for any reason. Joy Levy describes well in her book the problems associated with diluting the gene pool, and we are grateful for the work done by Joy and Marion to educate the public.

California Komondor Puppies Mossy Falls Farm

We've collected superior genetics from around the world, true to the original lines, with large frames, thick corded coats and amazing instincts. It is our intention to help the Komondor prosper and thrive while giving other families the opportunity to get to know and love these incredibly intelligent creatures. To learn more or to reserve a place on our waiting list, visit californiakomondor.com

California Komondor Puppies Mossy Falls Farm

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