Llamas for Sale

Mossy Falls Farm is proud to offer llamas of all ages for sale as livestock guardians, poison oak control animals, show specimens, and pets.  Prices are $750 and up, contact us for availability and delivery options.

Llamas are curious creatures with endearing personalities.  They are highly intelligent, always alert, and very aware of their surroundings.  Llamas do not like strange canines, and will chase off coyotes and dogs, helping as livestock guardians.  Llama pellets are extremely beneficial in garden soil and compost, and they concentrate their droppings in communal areas, making collection easy.  A surprising benefit is the poison oak control; llamas love to eat poison oak.  The plants are not harmful to them, and they will go out of their way to reach the leaves.  They've cleared areas for us that we can now enjoy.  Best of all, llamas are very easy to keep, they generally respect fences and gates, have minimal maintenance requirements, eat very little hay for their size, and are long lived, up to 25 years.

Llama Info