Free Range Chickens & Eggs

Our flock consists of Blue Andalusians, Chocolate Marans, Rainbow Layers, Speckled Sussex, Salmon Faverolles, and Blue Laced Red Wyandotte hens and roosters.  They enjoy life on their irrigated pasture looking for bugs, flying around, and exploring the farm.  Our chickens eat organic, non-gmo feed, treats from our gardens, and all the fun chicken snacks a free range life provides.

Free Range Eggs & Hens for Sale

Farm Fresh Eggs - free range Hens fed organic feed

$7 per dozen

Free Range Laying Hens - limited availability

$37 per Hen

Email us to purchase or reserve eggs & hens.

Learn how to raise chickens sustainably:
Free Range Chicken Information - Rodale Institute
Extensive Pastured Poultry Resources - University of Maine
"The Homestead Poultry Flock" - by Harvey Ussery