Dorset Horn Sheep for Sale

Our flock of Horned Dorset Sheep thrive on irrigated pastures, non-gmo alfalfa, and organic grass hay. All of our dorset horn lambs and sheep are 100% grass fed.

Dorset Horn Sheep & Lamb Mossy Falls Farm

Champion pedigree, purebred horned Dorset sheep for sale.  Show quality, breeding stock Dorset horn rams and lambs available, $500 and up for registered Dorset Horn sheep, $300 for grass fed lambs.  Email us to reserve or purchase lambs & sheep.

Dorset Horn Ewe & Lambs Mossy Falls Farm

Horned Dorsets are listed as an endangered breed with an estimated global population of less than 5,000.  If you choose to raise Dorset Horn sheep, you are helping ensure the survival of future generations of this incredible animal.  Both rams and ewes have beautiful horns, the horned dorset rams are much larger with more spirals.  They are often referred to as the "mother breed" of sheep because they are an ancient breed that has unique lambing potentials and incredible motherly instincts.  Dorset horn sheep have lambs all year long, especially in the fall, and we've seen ewes lamb twice in one year.  Horned Dorsets are prolific, loving mothers and great milkers, have high quality wool, are extremely hardy, versatile, adaptable to many climates, and  their large size make the Dorset horn sheep a true multi-purpose breed.  Many shepherds choose to breed dorset horn rams to their sheep in order to add these desirable traits to their flocks.

  Horned dorset ewes weigh 150 - 200 pounds, and full grown Dorset horn rams weigh up to 300 pounds. They gain weight on pasture, and are grateful when you bring them alfalfa as a special treat, but do not need the supplemental feed required by other breeds, and they never need grain.  Dorset horn sheep thrive on a grass fed diet.

Horned Dorsets are gentle creatures, even the rams, and seeing the sheep on the hills is a calming, spiritual experience.  Ours live with llamas, and are protected by our Komondor livestock guardian dogs.  They all drink from the running streams, gather under oaks and fragrant bay trees, and relax to the sounds of the babbling brook while they graze by the mossy falls.

Dorset Horn Sheep Ram for Sale Mossy Falls Farm
Dorset horn sheep for sale at Mossy Falls Farm