California Komondor

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Offering world class Komondor puppies for sale from our champion pedigree livestock guardian dog parents.  Visit us at to learn more, email us with questions or to reserve a puppy.

Komondor dogs are large, majestic animals, bred to be independent thinking, loving, loyal and protective.  The ultimate livestock guardian, Komondors have been protecting flocks for thousands years, and their habits are instinctual.  It is a joy to watch an adult Kom at work, they read intentions and know when to act, and   when necessary, they cover ground quickly and take care of business in a flash.

Did you know?

Komondor dogs have fluffy fur until 11 months, when it starts to cord, a controlled matting some call dreads.

Komondor dogs should never be brushed out or shaved.  Their thick coat is protection from the elements and predators, and the hair on their face shields their sensitive eyes.  Anyone considering owning a Kom will greatly benefit from reading Joy Levy's Komondor book, and be prepared to separate cords from 11 months on, with the majority of the work done by the time the dog turns 3. 

Komondor dogs are huge and intimidating to the uninitiated, and they will not tolerate intruders or unfamiliar faces, but they are lovable and gentle with kids they are raised with, and are extremely protective.  They see "their" children as the most important members of the flock. 

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Einstein, Shanti, and Ama are vigilant guardians, always working protecting our sheep, llamas, chickens, and family.  Komondor dogs are best suited for a working environment, they excel at keeping their charges safe, and have been credited with running the wolves out of Hungary.

By choosing to raise a Komondor, you are helping to preserve this rare and endangered breed.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship, as they will protect you, your family, and your home, and it is truly a joy to watch the small pups turn into fully grown, intelligent and confident working dogs.


Thank you to the families raising California Komondor - Mossy Falls Farm puppies.  We are grateful for the opportunities offered to these pups, and look forward to following show careers.  Ama is proving to be a great livestock guardian for us on the farm, exhibiting classic Komondor instincts.


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